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  5. ASUS chytré hodinky VivoWatch BP, ceramic (VIOLET 2.3-1A HC-A04A)
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Přidat do oblíbenýchASUS chytré hodinky VivoWatch BP, ceramic (VIOLET 2.3-1A HC-A04A)

ASUS chytré hodinky VivoWatch BP, ceramic (VIOLET 2.3-1A HC-A04A)

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ASUS VivoWatch BP (HC-A04A)

Your intelligent companion for easier health management

  • Durable and stylish ceramic case — Extremely tough and scratch-resistant, yet adds a touch of refined elegance to any wrist
  • Embedded ECG and PPG sensors — Track real-time health data including heart rate, sleep, activity, exercise and de-stress level (HRV score) to stay informed about your health
  • ASUS HealthConnect app – An intuitive and friendly mobile app that allows users to manage blood pressure and heart-rate data as well as other wellness data for easy health management
  • ASUS HealthAI technology — An exclusive algorithm in the ASUS HealthConnect app enables personalized health advice and health management tips based on health measurements and personal habits
  • Built-in GPS sensor — Track workouts and view activity maps and stats, such as speed, distance and duration in the intuitive ASUS HealthConnect app
  • 28-day battery life — Your 24/7 assistant makes health-trend tracking and management convenient and hassle-free
  • Display
    High-reflective color LCD
  • Sensor
    G sensor
    PPG (photoplethysmography) & ECG (electricalgraphy) sensors
    Built-in GPS sensor
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth 4.2 or Later (connect to android and iOS phone)
  • Sync
    Android 4.4 or Later
    iOS 11.0 or Later.
  • Power Consumption
  • Water resistance
  • Strap Size
    20mm (medical grade silicone)
  • Weight
  • Battery
    28-day battery life
  • Wireless Charging
  • LED Light
  • Material
  • Features
    Wellness: (1) step (2) calories burned (3) sleep quality (sleep time, flips times, average heart rate, comfort sleep index)
    Health management.: (1) Heart rate (2) De-stress level (3) PTT index
    Activity & exercise: (1) Exercise and background heart rate (2) Exercising speed and distance
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